Primary education

The importance of good primary schooling is widely acknowledged, yet the quality of most public primary schools is poor. GADRA Education recognises that primary education is fundamental to the challenge to lead its ambitious reform agenda.  The organisation’s work at primary school level is relatively new yet its stature and status has grown to the point where the organisation is now regarded in Grahamstown as the most competent and credible in the field. This evidenced in GADRA Educations elected role as lead organisation for the Grahamstown Primary Education Consortium comprising the most respected and credible providers of primary education services in Grahamstown.  Various services are delivered to specific target groups recognised as key to achieving the objective of improved practice in education in Grahamstown schools. 

Primary school teachers

Research tells us that in the South African education system teachers in general have insufficient content knowledge and poor classroom practices.  In order to ameliorate this problem, GADRA Education offer an accredited Teacher Professional Development (TPD) series. Consistent delivery of relevant, practical sessions of excellent quality has resulted in high levels of transfer into the classroom and affirmed the reputation of the organisation as a community led respected partner in the education community.  

Primary school learners

GADRA Education is first and foremost committed to all children in Grahamstown.  Interventions with direct learner beneficiaries are motivated by expected levels of improvement in quality learning and also by potential for reach and efficient scalability. One such initiative is the current pilot study to identify and assist learners in overcoming barriers to learning in the first three years of formal schooling.

School Leadership

A well-researched and significant contributing factor to the current education crisis in South Africa lies in weak leadership and poor school governance.  GADRA Education is committed to addressing this through the provision of training and on-going support to individual teacher leaders, school management teams, school governing bodies and school Principals.  


The organisation directly assists parents to understand the importance of education, to take responsibility for the educational development of their children at home and to press for the realization of their children’s education rights from the State.